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113R00725 Yellow Toner Cartridge

113R00725 Yellow Toner Cartridge - This cartridge is built for printing huge quantities of images and documents. It's both reliable and high-performance. Providing solid performance and crisp legibility, this toner cartridge does what you need. This cartridge is a good companion for providing precision and value at the same time. You can savor the engaging graphics and colorful images in your figures, handouts, and legal agreements because the 113R00725 has a rich no-bleed toner. This cartridge allows you to keep on printing many, many pages of reading materials, graphics, and documents with its amazing lifetime. This toner cartridge is perfect for business tasks, which enables you to continually create detailed figures, memos, and presentations. Also, the 113R00725 is a breeze to install, which means you are able to easily make use of it in your laser printer and resume your work. See Product Details

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