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016-1947-00 Black Toner Cartridge

016-1947-00 Black Toner Cartridge - Professional and capable, this cartridge is a good choice for delivering high-output to meet your printing requirements. If you want superb print quality and easy installation, this black toner cartridge has what it takes. This cartridge is a compelling solution for casual or professional printing tasks. The 016-1947-00 is perfect for creating high-quality images, which means you are able to continually produce highly legible figures, printouts, and contracts. You can delight in the blackest blacks and sharp contrasts in your documentation, letters, and memos as this cartridge has a dark bleed-free toner. Furthermore, this black toner cartridge is easily installable, so you can confidently make the most of it in your laser printer and resume your critical print jobs. With the impressive longevity featured with the 016-1947-00, you can keep on printing reams of documents, graphics, and reading materials. See Product Details

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