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(16194600) (016-1946-00) Yellow/Color Toner Cartridge

(16194600) (016-1946-00) Yellow/Color Toner Cartridge - This cartridge is an elegant solution for printing a large number of reports and spreadsheets. It's equal parts long-lasting and consistent. This yellow toner cartridge is a good companion when you need to get your printer up and running again. If you are looking for superb print quality and solid performance, this cartridge has a lot to offer. The 16194600 is ideal for creating high-quality images, so you can repeatedly create crisp figures, business letters, and memos. The superb service life typical of this cartridge enables you to keep on printing many, many pages of charts, text, and reading materials. This yellow toner cartridge has a brilliant permanent toner, therefore you can enjoy the colorful images and engaging graphics when printing bank statements, charts, and letters. Also, the 16194600 is very easily installed, which means you are able to effortlessly swap it into your laser printer without any trouble. See Product Details

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