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106R01047 Black Toner Cartridge

106R01047 Black Toner Cartridge - The 106R01047 Xerox black toner cartridge is designed to work with Xerox equipment for the best printing quality with low maintenance costs. It prints up to 8,000 pages of clear, crisp text or graphics for all business and personal printing needs. The Xerox toner cartridge works with Xerox All-in-One machines, the WorkCentre M20 series, and the CopyCentre C20 Xerox copy machines. The black ink cartridge creates quality presentations, reports, letters, and other print items for businesses. Moreober, the Xerox black toner cartridge is a better choice than using substitute brands for use with Xerox equipment, since it can improve reliability and performance. By choosing to purchase a Xerox toner cartridge for their printers, users can lower the frequency of service calls for repair on the printer. This saves individuals and businesses money with this quality black ink cartridge. Owners of a Xerox printer can witness the high-quality of print items with no fading or smudging with this Xerox toner cartridge. See Product Details

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